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Secrets of Cleopatra

Secrets of Cleopatra

Daftar Slot
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The last pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra was a charismatic and intelligent ruler. She possessed great beauty and will wield it to her advantage to entice men to fall for her charms. Even the two generals Julius Caesar and Mark Antony could not escape her thrall, letting Cleopatra take control over their armies and winning the throne. When Cleopatra was crowned as queen, she also inherited an insurmountable amount of treasure. However, the whereabouts of her treasure remains unknown to this day. Many explorers have been trying to locate it throughout the centuries. Start your journey and become the lucky person that discovers Cleopatra's treasure!

Secrets of Cleopatra is 3 or more reels, 4-row video slot featuring Infinity Reels and increasing multiplier. Try to "Gamble' in the Free Spins Feature to test your stakes on winning higher multipliers increment and more prizes!

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