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Mermaid Riches

Mermaid Riches

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Mermaids live in a jasper castle under the deep blue sea. This castle is protected by an invisible barrier that allows only mermaids to pass through it. However, legend has it that this barrier does not only protect the mermaids but is also protecting a rare treasure that has been passed down centuries ago from their ancestors. This rare treasure will only be given to the destined one. While mankind are aware of mermaid's existence, few people have ever seen one.

One day, Fancis was picking up seashells by the beach and was attracted by a gold light in the distance. He followed the light and found a shining golden scaled fish trapped in a fishnet! Fancis cut the fishnet to set the fish free when a bright light suddenly flashed, dazzling him. When Francis opened his eyes again, a gorgeous long black haired mermaid had appeared right in front of him. This mermaid had a golden scaled fishtail. Fancis was shocked but soon realized she was the legendary Mermaid Princess. The Mermaid Princess gave Fancis a piece of her scale as a gift and told Fancis that if ever needed help, he could use the scale to find her in the castle under the sea. She had also promised she will grant him any request!

Mermaid Riches is a 5-reel (1 row in reel 1, 2 rows in reel 2, 3 rows in reel 3, 4 rows in reel 4 and 5 rows in reel 5) video slot featuring Sticky Wild symbols and win multiplier up to x10. Win more during the Free Spins Feature when the reels are mirrored - 5 rows in reel 1, 4 rows in reel 2, 2 rows in reel 4 and 1 row in reel 5!

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