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Legendary Monkey King

Legendary Monkey King

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Sun Wukong, the self-proclaimed Monkey King, was the leader of all monkeys on Huaguo Mountain. He was arrested by the Heavenly Court because he stole the treasure of Zhenhai, the Ruyi golden banded staff, from the Dragon Palace and tampered with Yama King's Book of Life and Death without permission. However, it was very difficult to arrest him, as the Monkey King's martial arts was superb. The Jade Emperor decided to name him the 'Great Sage Equal of Heaven' and ordered him to guard the Heavenly Peach Garden from the sky to prevent him from causing trouble everywhere.

Sun Wukong then discovered that all the gods and goddesses were holding a Royal Banquet for the Queen Mother but he was not invited due to his low status. In anger, Sun Wukong destroyed the Royal Banquet! It took the joined forces of Erlang Shen and Taishang Laojun to finally capture and trial him at the heavenly court, whereby he was sealed in the eight-way trigram crucible to be turned into elixir. Unexpectedly, Sun Wukong instead developed a new ability, Huoyan Jinjing, in the crucible! Finally, he escaped the crucible after 49 days, with the sole determination to wreak havoc in the heavenly palace!

Legendary Monkey King is a 5-reel 4-row video slot featuring expanding reels and increasing multiplier. A symbol will be added to the reels with the Expanding Reel symbol which increases the number of ways to win! In addition, 3 Scatter symbols will also trigger 8 free spins!

Join the Monkey King in "Legendary Monkey King" to wreak havoc in the heavenly palace and conquer the world!

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