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Legend of Perseus

Legend of Perseus

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Perseus is a hero in Greek mythology and the son of Zeus and Danaë. Perseus was prophesized to kill Acrisius, King of Argos one day, so Acrisius casted both Perseus and his mother into the sea in a wooden chest. They were saved when they washed ashore on an island, where they were taken in by fishermen.

When Perseus grew up, he was tasked to defeat Medusa, whose gaze can turn people into stone. The Gods and Goddesses from Greek mythology all aided him on this quest by gifting him all kinds of magical treasures. After Perseus defeated Medusa, these priceless treasures were lost in the lair of the slain Medusa. It is said that whoever can find and return these treasures back to the Greek Gods will be bestowed with unlimited fortune and good luck!

Legend of Perseus is a 6-reel, 5-row video slot featuring big symbols with multipliers. Stand a chance to win free spins and win multipliers when you trigger the Free Spins Feature. The multiplier on any big symbol that is involved in a win will be collected as the win multiplier after the winning symbols have been destroyed.

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