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Zombie Outbreak

Zombie Outbreak

Daftar Slot
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The peaceful life in a town named Dark Valley has been shattered by an unexpected disaster. A mysterious virus has been spread across the entire town in the night, turning people into terrifying zombies. Overnight, the once serene town has become a place of silence and fear.

In this horrifying world, a group of survivors have banded together to find a way out and are headed towards the city center, as it is said that there are still enough supplies and communication devices to contact the outside world. However, the journey to the city center is dangerous. Countless zombies lurk at every street corner and in every building. As a survivor, can you break through the danger and find hope for survival?

Zombie Outbreak is a 5-reels (4 rows in reels 1, 3 and 5, 5 rows in reels 2 and 4) video slot featuring Expanding Wild symbols with 3 collectable multipliers. When players win, they can collect multipliers from Expanding Wild symbols. Additionally, 3 Scatter symbols appearing on the reels can trigger 15 free spins!

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