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Win Win Won

Win Win Won

Daftar Slot
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The tale of the Chinese Zodiac is a story that had been told for millenniums. Represented by 12 animals, each of these mascots having an interesting tale of their own. All these Zodiac animals are each in charge of guarding different palaces of fortune, whoever that manages to find them shall be blessed with happiness and prosperity. 'Won-Won', one of the Zodiac mascots, has a fun and lively character that makes it so lovable. 'Won-won' guards a palace filled with unimaginable treasures, a place most people would have dreamt of visiting.

Legend has it that, whenever a visitor arrives, 'Win Win Won' will open the palace doors, welcoming them with open arms, blessing them with an abundance of fortune. How could you miss out on such a rare opportunity? Come, use the multiplier and score a double! If Ingot Bet 3 is selected, you'll even have the chance to win a fortune!

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