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Supermarket Spree

Supermarket Spree

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'Mark Each Coin' is a famous supermarket in Washington. The owner Marina has managed to keep her prices competitively lower than other grocery stores in the area. Not only that, people who have bought groceries from her supermarket have claimed that her items are always fresh and natural. Marina's supermarket has become the most popular among other grocery stores and has many loyal customers.

Soon, it will be the 10th anniversary of Marina's supermarket. To thank all the loyal customers who have supported her, Marina decides to have a big supermarket spree event. All products will have discounts up to 85% off. There will be tons of surprises on that day too, for example, whoever buys 8 or more products with a special x5 to x50 multiplier sticker on it, will be able to multiply their cash rewards based on the total amount spent and the multiplier on the sticker. Sounds attractive right? Come and shop at Marina's supermarket today, and earn while you buy groceries!

Supermarket Spree is a 6 by 6 symbols combination video slot featuring special symbols that cascades more wins. Multiplier symbol with values ranged from x5 to x50 may appear during any free spin to multiply your prize! Collect 1 or more Multiplier symbols and they will be added together at the end of every free spin and the total win of that free spin will be multiplied by the total win multiplier!

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