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Mystic Potion

Mystic Potion

Daftar Slot
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In the magical world, there exists a miraculous potion known as the 'Spring of Fortune.' The Spring of Fortune is crafted by blending various rare potions, each representing different elements of destiny such as luck, wisdom, friendship, and more. These potions are scattered in dangerous places throughout the world, and only brave and wise wizards can seek them out.

Once the ingredients are collected, the wizards must journey to the temple atop the Snowpeak Mountains and utilize ancient secret magic to brew the potion. Upon its successful creation, the Spring of Fortune will bestow endless wealth upon its holder! Now, dive into the game and join in crafting this magical potion together!

Mystic Potion is a 6 by 6 symbols combination video slot featuring big symbols with multipliers up to x500. 4 matching symbols connected in a square will form a Big Symbol! These Big Symbols will have multipliers ranging from x2 to x500 too! Additionally, collecting 3 Scatter symbols will trigger 15 free spins!

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