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Majestic Treasures

Majestic Treasures

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The Royal Kingdom of Khakis has been well-known with their only production - Diamonds, the most valuable and sparkling gemstone in the world. Anyone who passes by the kingdom will be attracted by their light aquamarine diamond covered extravagant palace. Thousands of skillful artisans had worked on it for hundreds of days to craft the stunning palace walls. Inside the palace, from the stairs of the long hallway to the tableware in the dining room are all decorated with diamonds as well. Such display of wealth is to show everyone that the Khakis Kingdom is richer than any other kingdoms in the land! There is, however, a rumour being circulated, that said that hidden in the depths of the palace, lies a secret vault. Hidden inside is the world's most expensive diamond! Naturally of course, this precious diamond has been surrounded by traps to protect it!

Majestic Treasures is a 5 by 5 symbols combination video slot featuring Wild symbol transformation, poker symbols removal and free spin multipliers. Any combinations of 4 or more symbols touching horizontally or vertically will result in a winning combination at every spin. During the Free Spins Feature, wins are multiplied based on number of winning symbols collected in a free spin. The more you win, the higher the win multiplier you get!

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