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Lucky Neko

Lucky Neko

Daftar Slot
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Maneki Neko, also known as Fortune Cat or Beckoning Cat, is famous in Japan as a symbol of good luck and fortune. Its symbolic nature can be dated back to the Edo Period of Japan. Legend has it, that a beckoning cat saved a weary traveler's life. The traveler was resting below a tree next to a temple, and noticed a cat that was beckoning him to enter the temple. He followed the cat inside the temple, and shortly thereafter, a sudden thunderstorm rolled through and lightning struck the tree the traveler had just been resting under. The traveler was in shock, but was tremendously grateful to the cat for saving his life. From then on, the Maneki Neko became known as the symbol of luck and prosperity, with its paw raised to wave in good fortune for its owners.

Lucky Neko is a 6-reel, 5-row video slot (with an additional reel on top of reel 2, 3, 4 and 5) featuring Wilds-on-the-Way and Cat symbol multiplier. Increase the win multiplier by 2 whenever 1 or more Cat symbols appear on the reels! Win 10 or more free spins when 4 Scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins Feature as well!

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