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Lucky Clover Lady

Lucky Clover Lady

Daftar Slot
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Somewhere in another world, there lives a beautiful elf named Eva. She wears a light green dress and holds a bouquet of sparkling four-leaf clovers that she planted herself.

Legends say that when elves get married, they will gift each other four-leaf clovers as love symbols, and that those who obtain these clovers will be blessed with good luck and wealth.

As a result, many people have started a quest in this world to search for Eva in the hopes of winning her affections. Recently, rumours have been spreading that Eva frequents a bar called PG Soft™, which has attracted many suitors. Faced with so many potential suitors, will Eva be able to decide who is her one true love?

Lucky Clover Lady is a 5 by 6 symbols combination video slot featuring sticky winning symbols, Level-up symbol and Multiplier symbol. Lucky Clover symbols may appear during any spin, and each of them will award either a Level-up symbol or a Multiplier symbol. Any 8 or more matching symbols that appear on the reels will result in a winning combination! Additionally, when 3 Scatter symbols appear on the reels, 15 free spins will be triggered.

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