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Legend of Hou Yi

Legend of Hou Yi

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Long ago in the ancient times, there were tens suns that lived in the sky. They all took turns to fly up to the sky every day. The people on earth lived like this for many decades, happily ploughing their fields at sunrise, and went home to rest at sunset.

However, the ten suns grew were bored of this endless cycle. And so, one day, they all decided to stop taking turns, and appeared together in the sky. The ten suns shone like the blazing fire, the heat emitted scorched the earth, burning all the crops and houses to ashes and dried up all the rivers and lakes. The people were all dying from hunger and dehydration under the suns fiery rays.

The Emperor of Heaven, seeing such a devastating destruction on earth, ordered his warrior Hou Yi, to drive the suns away. Hou Yi decided that the only way to save the people was to shoot down the extra nine suns in the sky! And so, Hou Yi travelled across climbed to the top of the highest peak, aimed his bow, and fired a thousand arrows at the nine suns in the sky.

From then on, there lived only one sun in the sky, that would rise from the east and set from the west every day. Relive the legend of Hou Yi by shooting down the suns and be rewarded with Wild symbols. Players can also win big with multipliers during free spins as well!

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