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Heist Stakes

Heist Stakes

Daftar Slot
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They have been planning this bank heist for months now. The team of thieves are currently huddled together around the table. In front of them are the schematics of the bank vault and the blueprint of the bank they are about to rob tonight. The team has conducted surveillance and has figured out tonight is the best time to hit the bank. The mastermind is doing a final briefing and preparing back up plans in case something goes wrong.

The plan is as follows: The grifter has already infiltrated the bank as a security guard, making their access into the bank easy and silent. The hacker will disable all security cameras and safety measures of the bank. And finally, the thief will crack into the bank vault's safe and steal the millions of treasures and cash in it. The stakes are high for this robbery, as one wrong move will result in them getting captured.

Heist Stakes is a 5-reel (3 rows in reels 1 and 5, 4 rows in reels 2 and 4, 5 rows in reels 3) video slot featuring Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature and free spins with increasing multiplier. Win more when all symbols on reel 3 transform into Wild symbols in the Unlimited Wild Symbols Feature. Increase the win multiplier with every win and trigger free spins when 3 Scatter symbols appear as well!

Wealth beyond your wildest imagination awaits once this high risk level heist succeeds!

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