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Fruity Candy

Fruity Candy

Daftar Slot
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There is a legend in the Kingdom of Kechira: A gorgeous candy palace will appear on the northern border whenever the night falls. It is said that the candy master that lives in this palace has a mysterious unique skill. He can create 'Flying Candy', a candy that can make anyone who eats it fly like a bird.

Over the years, he has been obsessed with making one of the candies called 'Fruity Candy'. Whoever eats this candy can turn their dreams into real life figurines! They say he recorded his unique skills in a secret book and hid it in a candy maze.

One day, the King of Kechira sent someone to obtain the secret book to make a profit from it. However, the maze created by the candy master is difficult to break through. Will the King's men be able to pass through the complicated maze and get the secret candy book for the king?

Fruity Candy is a 5-4-5-4-5 reels combination video slot featuring expanding reels and increasing multiplier. 3 Free Spins symbols will trigger the Free Spins Feature with 10 free spins. At the end of every free spin, 2 free spins are awarded and the multipliers above the reels are increased by 1, 2, 3 and 5 respectively for each Free Spins symbol, allowing you to win huge prizes!

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