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Fortune Tiger

Fortune Tiger

Daftar Slot
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Legend has it there is a thousand-year-old emperor that rules an empire called Immortal. The secret to his immortality is his rare golden tiger which always stays by his side as a guardian. It has beautiful striped fur that glows like sunlight and a pair of golden eyes that can abduct the soul of anyone who looks at them. Not only that this tiger keeps the peace in Immortal, but it has also granted the emperor an immortal life. The tiger only gives birth once every twelve years, and this year is one of those years! The emperor is very excited to invite the people to witness the miracle. It is said that golden rain will fall from the sky when the baby tiger is born. The rain has the power of fertilizing the soil and curing all kinds of diseases. Play "Fortune Tiger" now to witness the birth of the golden tiger and be blessed with a lifetime of luck!

Fortune Tiger is a 3-reel, 3-row video slot featuring respins and x10 multiplier. Fortune Tiger Feature may be randomly triggered during any spin! If there are 1 or more additional symbols (either a randomly chosen symbol or a Wild symbol) appearing on the reels, all reels will respin again! In addition, when all symbols on the reels are involved in a win, the win will be multiplied by x10.

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