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Fortune Mouse

Fortune Mouse

Daftar Slot
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Legend has it that the Jade Emperor organized a river crossing competition to select twelve animals to be the twelve zodiac signs. Many animals enthusiastically entered after hearing about this news. On the day of the competition, the cow was ahead of the race. But unbeknownst to the cow, the clever mouse had been hiding on the cow's back. When the cow was about to cross the finish line, the mouse jumped off the cow's back and thus became the first of the zodiac signs.

Mice are not only clever; they were also regarded as a symbol of wealth during ancient times. It was said that if your home had mice stealing food, it meant your family was rich and prosperous enough to have a surplus of food at home for the mice to steal! So let "Fortune Mouse" bring you unlimited luck and endless wealth in the year of the Mouse!

Fortune Mouse is a 3-reel, 3-row video slot featuring respins until win. 3 Wild symbols may be added to the middle reel during any spin in the Fortune Mouse Feature. The first and third reel will respin until there is a win. Be awarded with 1000x of the total bet in Maximum Win when Wild symbols occupy all the reels!

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