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Forge of Wealth

Forge of Wealth

Daftar Slot
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Alankran is a village in the Thunder Continent, where the residents are skilled in the art of millennium-old forging techniques. They excel in working with Thunderstone and, through intricate refining processes, craft treasures that can be passed down for generations. However, the obscure and complex nature of these techniques has discouraged many younger blacksmiths, leading to the gradual decline of this ancient craft.

The 'Mist-cloaked Forge Master' is the last true master of these ancient techniques in Alankran. Legend has it that finding him would allow anyone to learn the forgotten forging secrets. However, the 'Mist-cloaked Forge Master' remains elusive, seemingly concealed in the clouds and mist. Yet, with determination and courage, one can locate him and reignite the flames of the lost forging art!

Forge of Wealth is a 5 by 6 symbols combination video slot featuring 4 special multiplier slots that award x2 multiplier for every winning symbols on top of it. There are 4 multiplier slots on the reels. At every round, a x2 multiplier is collected when there is a winning symbol on top of any activated Multiplier slots, allowing you to win even more!

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