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Flirting Scholar

Flirting Scholar

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Tang Bohu was one of the four great scholars in Jiangnan. He is talented and intelligent, and his skills in chess and calligraphy are well-versed. Tang Bohu and his friends met Mrs. Hua and her 4 maidservants Chunxiang, Xiaxiang, Dongxiang and Qiuxiang when they went to the temple to pray. He fell in love at first sight with the beautiful Qiuxiang there. And so he decided to infiltrate the Hua House by pretending to be a servant named Hua An in order to pursue a relationship with Qiuxiang.

During this period, Prince Wang visited the Hua House to cause trouble to the family. Because of this, Tang Bohu's identity was exposed when he stepped in to help the family. It was then Qiuxiang found out that Hua An was Tang Bohu, the man she had always admired. However, Mrs. Hua has always had her grievances towards the Tang family, and so she began to oppose Tang Bohu in various ways. Unexpectedly, an enemy of the Hua family returned to annihilate the entire Hua House as revenge. Mrs. Hua was defeated while trying to protect her family. It was thanks to Tang Bohu cleverness that brought peace back to the Hua House. Mrs. Hua, who survived the disaster, repayed Tang Bohu by allowing Qiuxiang to marry him. After some twists and turns, Tang Bohu finally won the beauty over.

'Flirting Scholar' is a game that features free spins with feature picks. You will have the opportunity to get various surprise rewards such as bonus multipliers, stacked Wild symbols, jumping Wild symbols as well as removing low paying symbols!"

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