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Dragon Hatch 2

Dragon Hatch 2

Daftar Slot
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Deep in the mountains of Fulroya lies the habitat of the dragons of the East China Sea that have been isolated from the world for 500 years. That all changed when the dragon queen laid 3 dragon eggs with mysterious powers, which have attracted "dragon hunters" that have been coveting the dragon's eye gem. According to legends, the 3 dragon eggs are the key to finding the dragon's eye gem.

To prevent the 3 eggs from falling into the wrong hands, the weakened dragon queen entrusted the eggs to the dragon master for safekeeping.

The dreaded day has finally arrived! The 'dragon hunters' have attacked the East China Sea dragons! During the fierce battle, the dragon queen was sealed in stone. However, the 'dragon hunters was not able to locate the dragon queen's eggs. Right now, the only way to revive the dragon queen is to find the dragon's eye gem, but can the dragon master use the mysterious power of the 3 dragon eggs to successfully lift the dragon queen's seal?

Dragon Hatch 2 is a 5 by 5 arrangement of symbols video slot featuring various features that help in cascading more wins and sticky Wild symbols. Collect winning symbols to trigger Earth Dragon Feature, Water Dragon Feature, Fire Dragon Feature and Dragon Queen Feature! Win big with every feature now!

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