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Cash Mania

Cash Mania

Daftar Slot
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In the quaint town of Slan, Derrick was just another villager until a fateful expedition led him to find a unique green diamond that grants wishes. Using this diamond's magic, he crafted an extraordinary ATM that gives out random generous rewards, catapulting him to becoming the town's richest elite.

Word quickly spread about this wonderous machine, drawing widespread attention. Derrick, anticipating potential theft, cleverly hid it in a secret chamber of his mansion. Now, with Derrick away for 3 days attending a lavish banquet, can you sneak into the chamber and try your luck with this mysterious ATM?

Cash Mania is a 3-reel, 1-row video slot featuring win multipliers up to x100. Win big when there are symbols in the middle reel and there are matching symbols in the leftmost and the rightmost reel.

Plus,the multiple features will let you experience a cash mania excitement like no other!

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