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Buffalo Win

Buffalo Win

Daftar Slot
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In the prairie of Rongshan, all creatures lived in harmony. However one day, an unprecedented heavy storm darkened the sky of Rongshan. All the animals had to run to survive and were terrified of the loud thunderstorm. This harsh weather cleared the path for venomous snakes to thrive. They started to destroy the ecological environment and mutilated other weak animals. The animals all live in fear of rainy days, as whenever it rains, violence will happen.

As a result, many animals have lost their homeland. The King of the buffalo, who was also the wisest among them all, noticed the deterioration of the environment and decided to take the lead to gather all the other animals and fight back. The eagles will protect the weak animals, the horses will destroy the snakes' cave while the buffalos will face the snakes head on. Everyone worked together and was successful in returning the peace back to the wide prairie of Rongshan! After this huge success, King buffalo also received respect from all the animals and became the guardian of Rongshan!

Buffalo Win is a 3 or more reels, 4-row video slot featuring Infinity Reels, increasing multipliers, and Expanding Stacked Symbol Feature. Collect 3 Free Spins symbols to trigger 10 or more free spins. During the Free Spins feature, each additional reel will increase the win multiplier by 1!

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